Virginia Beach Attorneys Singer Hoffman

We are a Virginia Beach firm that strives to be among the top civil litigation firms, not just in Hampton Roads or Virginia, but anywhere in the country.

Our firm was founded by Randy Singer in 2009 (as the Singer Legal Group) with the vision to foster a small-firm atmosphere while maintaining big-firm excellence and aspirations. His leadership brings the blending of an experienced lawyer with a local pastor, a unique combination for those seeking the counsel of a Christian lawyer.

We specialize in complex and high-stakes litigation matters, with an emphasis on medical malpractice claims. We also have extensive experience litigating challenging cases in the fields of personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, counter-terrorism, white collar criminal defense, and commercial litigation. Outside the courtroom, we provide estate planning services and consulting for small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations.

Virginia Beach Attorneys Singer Hoffman

Our History

Randy Singer started our firm in 2009 after a legal career that included time as the head of the litigation section at Willcox and Savage, a 60-person firm in Norfolk, Virginia. Randy was looking forward to the challenge of building something great from the ground up. The firm has grown through the additions of attorneys Rosalyn Singer (2012), Kevin Hoffman (2015), and Maryam Atty (2021).

Our Experience

Given the wide variety of practice areas for the size of our firm, it is crucial that our team draws from a broad backdrop of experiences. Randy leads the way with his extensive experience spearheading a variety of complex litigation efforts. Rosalyn and Kevin add insight into the federal judicial system, both at the trial and the appellate levels, due to their respective positions as Staff Attorney with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and Law Clerk with the United States District Court in Norfolk.

Our Commitment to Excellence

A drive for excellence is a core value at Singer Hoffman. That commitment is evidenced by the fact that each of our partners graduated within the top ten percent of their law school classes. Our attorneys bring that same drive to each of the firm’s cases and clients. Click here to see some of our recent results. Randy is listed on Virginia Business Magazine’s list of “Legal Elite” and each of our partners have been recognized among Virginia’s “Super Lawyers.”

Our role as your:


The firm’s primary focus is complex litigation, representing individuals injured by acts of medical malpractice, victims of terrorism, and businesses in the midst of commercial disputes. We also accept both civil and criminal appeals, having handled a variety of cases throughout both the state and federal appellate systems.


We strive to serve as our clients’ advocates in all facets of the attorney-client relationship. That role can manifest itself through arguments in a courtroom,  discussions with opposing counsel, or in negotiations on behalf of our clients. We strive to achieve the best possible outcomes regardless of the scenario.


“First of all, a truly great lawyer is a wise counselor to all manner of men in the varied crises of their lives when they most need disinterested advice.” Arthur T. Vanderbilt, The Five Functions of the Lawyer: Service to Client and the Public, 40 A.B.A.J. 31 (1954). Providing wise counsel is a part of our duty to every client. For some clients, such as small businesses, churches and non-profit ministries, this type of service is the focal point of our relationship.

Our firm’s mission revolves around complex civil litigation matters, but the diverse skills, experience, and interests of our attorneys allows us to serve you in a variety of ways.

Singer Hoffman’s small firm structure and big firm bandwidth affords us the flexibility to work on many types of cases and to help you solve a variety of problems. Since our founding in 2009, we have a track record to be proud of, including six contested civil case results in excess of $2 million as well as nearly $1 billion in judgments secured for victims of terrorism.

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