Our personal injury practice includes a wide variety of cases. Impact injuries, such as car or tractor-trailer accidents, although the most common, are not the only type of personal injury we are familiar with, as we have also assisted clients suffering debilitating personal injuries from less common means such as poorly designed products, adverse-effects from prescription drugs, food-borne illnesses, and workplace accidents.

Our firm focuses on complex litigation, and in the area of personal injury, that often includes claims of wrongful death. Losing a loved one, no matter the cause, is always painful. But having them taken from prematurely frequently leaves a combination of anger, questions, and confusion. Often the last thing on the minds of families after a sudden death is seeking legal help, but advice and assistance in those initial months can be critical.

In the most extreme situations, we have successfully obtained judgments in two Virginia slayer statute cases where one spouse was held responsible for the death of the other. One such case resulted in an eight-million- dollar verdict in 2013. The other is the subject of a Lifetime movie and an episode of Vanity Fair Confidential entitled “Widow on the Hill.” We are prepared to fight for justice in the midst of even the most sensitive and volatile situations.

Unfortunately, deciding to make a claim is sometimes only the beginning of the challenges facing a victim or their family. Issues with healthcare liens or other insurance problems can be shockingly complex. We assist clients in resolving every aspect of their case, not just their initial legal claims. In that vein, we have helped clients suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or other debilitating conditions, to ensure that they and their families are well taken care of for years to come.

Whether you are the victim of a life-altering accident or the family member of a departed loved one, our experienced attorneys will be happy to talk with you and discuss your situation.