Business leaders and visionaries are often eternal optimists. Business growth occurs when those in charge seek every opportunity for success and move forward without hesitation. High risk equals high reward. Inevitably, however, challenges or conflict will arise, and when they do, we are there to provide counsel and assistance to our business clients.

Our litigation expertise allows us to take on the challenge of representing a company throughout the entire conflict resolution process. And yet, if possible, we provide businesses with the tools necessary to prevent the expensive and time consuming burdens of litigation. Most disputes should not end up in court.

In recent experience, we have helped to resolve partnership disputes, negotiate out of personal liability on a corporate note, advise corporate officers through a contentious sale process, and handle high-stakes disputes over commercial real estate and unfair trade practices. Whether your business needs immediate help in the form of trial counsel or a longer term advisory relationship, we can tailor our services to fit your specific needs.